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Are you ready for an adventure?

Do you like sports, adventure and creativity? Would you like to meet new people from other parts of the world? Then ACTS Camp is the place to be! 

Every day for a week you will be able to do workshops, meet new friends, go on sports adventures and competitions. 








Every day you get to do a workshop of your choice. Weather it's one of our sports tracks, like Parkour, or one with a more creative focus, like Drama, it is all up to you.You can pick and mix however you like.


Ever afternoon you and your team get to go on a fun adventure together. It's a time where you get to bond more with your team mates.You will also take part in competitions and challenges against the other teams. 


ACTS is a camp with a christian profile. The name ACTS stand for Adventure, Creativity, Teamwork and Sports, because that's exactly what the camp is about! During the day you will go on many fun activities and adventures and in the evening you get to listen to some good messages and the day ends with worship and prayer.

All of our team leaders are carefully picked out to be good role models and representatives for Christ. Every year a handful of leaders from around the world arrives to be a part of the camp!  This is what makes ACTS camp different and special and extra fun!

If you want to find out more about being a leader, klick 

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