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ACTS Leaders

Every year leaders from Sweden and around the world arrives to be a part of the camp!  This is what makes ACTS camp different and special and extra fun!


The leaders will share and teach about what they are passionate about. Weather it is a workshop, sports- or creative activity, a camp game, food or life encouragements, the leaders are here to make camp into an adventure the youths will cherish forever.


Are you 20 years or older and want to be part of ACTS camp as a leader?

Meet The Leaders


Jemima Haddad

Gnarp, Sweden

Jemima is married to Patrik and lives in Gnarp. She’s doing a little bit of everything on her spare time with creative things like film, photo and music. Jemima has been on board with ACTS from the beginning as a camper and has also helped out in different leadership roles. Jemima will be at ACTS this year too and she will be taking care of media!


Patrik Haddad

Gnarp, Sweden

Patrik lives and works in Gnarp with his wife Jemima. Once nominated for the most funniest guy award. He’s been part of ACTS for a few years now, this year he will be at camp and you will see him a little bit all over, but mostly he will be in charge of Open Church in the evenings! 


Deborah Larsson

Kramfors, Sweden

Deborah is a fun person who is passionate about creativity, film and theatre and doing so for God. She’s been part of camp for many years, both as a camper and a leader. This year she will take care of a lot of the games as the Camp Master. You will also get to hang out with her and see her a little bit all over camp.


Clara Ersson

Älgered, Sweden

Clara is a fun and loving girl who is studying and working as a preschool teacher. She loves to sing, hang out with friends and spread the love of God. Clara has been a part of ACTS for many years both as a camper and a leader. This year she will help out more behind the scenes and in the kitchen. 


Sara Nilsson

Stockholm, Sweden

Sara is one energetic little being. She lives for the arts and culture and sees the world as a big stage. Since she is an actress she can sometimes be a drama queen, but just give her chocolate or cat pictures and she’ll be fine. She has been a part of ACTS for several years, both as camper and leader. This year you’ll see her as one of the camp masters and as the drama workshop leader.


Alexander Holmqvist

Uppsala, Sweden

Alex is studying to become a doctor at Uppsala University. He finds the human body really in interesting. In his spare time, when he is not studying, he loves to be in church and hang out with friends. Alex has been a part of ACTS since he was 13 years old. This will be his fourth year as a leader, and he will be a Team leader.


Anna Fagerhov

Gnarp, Sweden

Anna if a joyful person who loves being with people! She is one of the ACTS founders which means she's been part of camp for 12 years now. This summer she will be the Camp Manager. This means she will be helping out behind the scenes but you will also get to hang out with her here and there during the camp.


Jonathan Hansson

Gnarp, Sweden

Jonathan has been a round since camp started back in 2008! He’s first year as a camper was 2011. Jonathan loves extreme sports and is a trained stuntman. He was educated at the Swedish American Stunt School in Stockholm. According to Jonathan, adrenaline is the best feeling and he is constantly searching for new challenges. He is also an dreamer and an entrepreneur all the way in to the bone marrow! This year he will be a Team leader and take care of the parkour workshop.

More leaders coming soon. Stay Tuned!

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